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The company has been engaged in the pet industry for more than 20 years and is a manufacturer with rich experience in product development and sales. We mainly supply pet traction rope, pet collar, pet cage, pet toy, pet food, pet water feeder, pet bed, pet comb, pet bowl, waste bin and other products.

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Ningbo Fengxiang Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Fengxiang Electric Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. is China Pet Supplies products Factory and Pet Supplies products Wholesalers, which was established in 2020 and located in Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang, the center of Yangtze River delta economic circle round the Hangzhou Bay region of southern Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo.Fengxiang is a supplier of advanced and innovative plastic molding products such as pet-related products, smart home appliances, and sports equipment. Supply Pet Supplies products Custom, the company have exported more than 100 countries like USA, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, India, etc.In conformity with "Innovation, Win-Win" the core values of enterprise, we warmly welcome customers abroad to establish cooperation and create a bright future with us together. Choose Fengxiang, choose future!
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  • Customization

    We can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples that the customers offered.

  • Service

    We provide you with a complete series of service to help you solve the problems encountered during the purchase process.

  • Diversity

    The company has a wide range of pet products for customers to choose from.

  • Productivity

    We have abundant production capacity to meet the needs of customers with different purchase quantity.

Industry Knowledge Extension

What are Pet Supplies products?
Pet supplies products refer to a range of items that are designed to meet the needs of pets. These products can include food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, collars and leashes, bedding, cages, and other items that pets require for their health and well-being.
Pet supplies can be tailored to different types of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, and other small animals. The type of pet supplies required for each pet will vary depending on the species, breed, age, and health status of the animal.
Pet owners can purchase pet supplies from a variety of retailers such as pet stores, online pet supply stores, and supermarkets. Many pet owners also choose to buy their pet supplies in bulk to save money and ensure that they always have the necessary supplies on hand.
What are the applications of Pet Supplies products?
Pet supplies products have various applications, and their use depends on the specific product and the needs of the pet. Some common applications of pet supplies products include:
Nutrition: Pet food, supplements, and treats are essential for providing pets with proper nutrition and keeping them healthy.
Health and wellness: Grooming supplies, such as shampoo, brushes, and nail clippers, are important for maintaining a pet's physical health and hygiene. Other health and wellness products include medication, vitamins, and flea and tick control products.
Comfort and entertainment: Pet beds, blankets, and toys are designed to provide pets with a comfortable and engaging environment that promotes mental and physical stimulation.
Training and behavior modification: Collars, leashes, and training aids, such as clickers and treat pouches, can be used to train pets and modify their behavior.
Housing and containment: Cages, crates, and carriers are essential for transporting and containing pets, while aquariums and terrariums provide a safe and comfortable habitat for fish, reptiles, and other small animals.
Overall, pet supplies products play a vital role in ensuring the health, well-being, and happiness of pets, as well as their owners.
How to choose Pet Supplies products?
Choosing the right pet supplies products can be overwhelming, but there are some factors to consider to help you make the best choices for your pet:
Pet's age, size, and breed: Different pets have different requirements based on their age, size, and breed. For example, puppies and kittens need special food formulated for their growing bodies, while senior pets may require food with different nutritional needs.
Pet's health condition: If your pet has specific health issues or conditions, you may need to choose products that address those concerns. For example, if your pet has sensitive skin, you may need to choose hypoallergenic grooming products.
Quality of the products: Look for high-quality products from reputable brands that use quality ingredients or materials. Check product reviews and ratings before making a purchase.
Your lifestyle and budget: Choose products that fit your lifestyle and budget. For example, if you travel frequently with your pet, you may need to invest in a quality carrier or crate. Similarly, if you have a limited budget, you may need to look for affordable pet supplies products that still meet your pet's needs.
Environmental impact: Consider eco-friendly pet supplies products to minimize your pet's environmental impact. For example, you may choose biodegradable poop bags or recycled toys.
In summary, choosing pet supplies products requires considering your pet's specific needs, quality, budget, and environmental impact. Consult with your veterinarian or a pet expert for additional guidance and advice.